I have watched this 47 times today.

hmm. memories are weird.

Someone on my FB timeline mentioned The Flaming Tsunamis and it’s been about a year or so since I’ve listened to  them and well, listening now and it’s bringing back a lot of memories of trips to Connecticut and Boston and people and parties and dogs and cats and drinking and dancing, lots of dancing.. and man, it was a good fucking time. Being IN the time was great. The aftermath and whatnots, the tears, the depression and lost friends, not so great. Makes me sad. I don’t know what I would change exactly, as I believe everything happens for a reason, but I still think there are some good people to be found in CT. That’s all. 

EDIT: Getting older means time passes and anger fades and all that’s left is a little nagging feeling of wtf even happened. I was very angry for a very long time and I’m sorry I held on to that. Blah. Weird. 


Wondering when girls will stop saying, “When I get invited to “Guy’s night” because I am in fact just one of the guys.”

You sound stupid and you actually have no idea what you’re talking abouttttt. You will never actually be “one of the guys”. You are still a girl to them and if you think otherwise you need to take a feminist theory class. Educate yourself. EVERYONE EDUCATE YOURSELF.